Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Burgesses Meet

The House of Burgesses met yesterday at the Jamestown church to discuss the current events. They discussed possible cash crops in Virginia that would also fetch a large price at the market, they also discussed what to do about the Bacon's Rebellion. This caused them to worry about what to do about labor since all of the indentured are going to join the rebellion after they are freed. This caused an arguement over what the cause of the rebellion was. Some claimed it was the backcountry farmers who were envious or had hatred towards the plantation owners or gentry or that they couldn't grow enough crops on their tiny plots of land.

They tried to agree on a choice of being a Royalist colony or a Parliamentatian colony. After a long arguement over this they decided to consult with the colony's proprietor,Lord Baltimore, about a possible act to calm everything down. They continued to discuss possible alternatives if the original idea doesn't work.

The House of Burgesses then finshed the rest of the meeting. They dismissed themselves at about midnight and carried on to their homes to get a nights rest. Thus we wait for the next meeting of the burgesses to report on.